An initiation Opera to common Happiness

♫ Version: Français

We are all co-creators of the world on Earth, but we do not all have the same power of action.

It is Clairvoyance.

It depends on our will, our commitment to our loved ones, to others.

And, many other factors come into play, which are not necessarily our fault.

It will influence our health, our work, our bank account, our relationships,…

And, many beautiful things are done on time by people who just want to do and be what they feel inside.

In 1791, Mozart created the magic Flute « Die Zauberflöte ».

An initiation opera to show the supernatural strength that can have, a person who follows the sacred path, a couple united by a True Love.

Verdi’s operas had a positive influence on the reunification of Italy in the middle of the 19th century.

Overture: An initiation Opera in 4 acts to anchor Peace on Earth
Inspiration: « Unlimited Symphony and the Universe Art »

Regain creativity, the foundation of joy of living.

You can listen to the song on David Garrett’s album Explosive. [Website of David Garrett]

Here is the presentation of the song « Unlimited Symphony » by David Garrett present on the CD booklet:

« Unlimited Symphony » is a piece that I wrote together with John Haywood in Mallorca over the summer of 2015. Sitting in my living room watching the beautiful sunset, we got inspired to capture the moment in music. Having so many « high energy » pieces on this record, it felt necessary to tone it down here and there -life is all about the balance, and so is an album. You need the cold to appreciate the warmth; you need the noise to love the silence etc. So of course this album also needed a heart and a soul to work in its entire form.

« David Garrett »


The creations, from the Universe Art, are made with the wax technique which, unlike to painting or drawing, does not require a long technical to acquire, but a laisser-faire our inner creativity.
– Alchemist between sticks of colored wax and heat’s iron let emerge the invisible worlds which inhabit us.
– These invisible Worlds have joined my quest for our origins to give birth to the Universe-Art creations of Ki’Chi’Qi. [The first step towards Ki-Regeneration®]

So when I create, I connect to the « Source of Life » which is also the Source of the vital energy of Ki’Chi’Qi which runs through our meridians. As the imaginary Worlds appear on the support, encaustic paper or canvas, I listen to my body to know how the energy flows, and my eyes to know if it is harmonious. When the 2 feelings are granted, I stop the creation. A auto-regenerator World of Ki’Chi’Qi has come to life.

« Obel »


The opera will be performed on acoustic instruments tuned to the international standard tuning fork, A at 440 Hz, in order to thrill the emotional bodies of the spectators, the actors and all the people who will hear it.

Duality between the divine and the world.
Duality turned towards the heart of the soul.

Publié par Obel'Isa

Retrouver la paix intérieure : Source de la santé, l'harmonie avec le monde. {Find again inner peace: Source of the health, the harmony with the world.}

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