Child of Mother Earth

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That it is the specificity shared by all human beings.

It is living on Earth.

Whatever our family, our profession, our health, our bank account, ALL of us are born, we live, and we die on Earth.

But we are not born, we do not live, we do not die, with the same chances, the same facility, the same immune system.

Despite the proven fact of equality towards the inalienable rights that life offers to all living beings -humans, animals, plants.

Despite all the associations, the goodwill that work for their recognition, we are unable to remedy the misery, the violence, the inequalities.

Despite the proven fact of climate change, we cannot come together to find solutions.

The lack of awareness of our kinship with the Earth and Life causes us to treat them as a material resource and not as a member of Humanity, sensitive and living like us, and by the mirror effect of duality, we treat our Humanity as a “It’s Good” / “It’s Bad” checkbox, and not as a being sensitive to the 1001 shades of love within it.

Support of the Finale: Living on Earth our Humanity
Inspiration: « The Corsican Hymn and pictures from the island of Beauty »

Regain the Faith in You, the magic of the Divine Creator.


The Corsican Hymn « Dio vi Salvi Regina » is a religious song dedicated to the Virgin Mary, created in Italy by Francesco De Geronimo, in 1675.


Corsica is also called “the island of Beauty”:
– It is a concentrate of terrestrial landscapes.
– It is a concentrate of human thought.

Human beings are capable of the best and the worst. Animals can be gentle or fierce. Some terrestrial regions are paradises and others are hells –volcano, abyss, to eradicate misery and violence, let us love the duality within us, the Laws of Love.

Duality between Humanity and Earth.
Duality turned towards the Child or the Parent.


Publié par Obel'Isa

Retrouver la paix intérieure : Source de la santé, l'harmonie avec le monde. {Find again inner peace: Source of the health, the harmony with the world.}

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