The Human Being

♫ Version: Français

What’s personalize a human being?

It is its Sensibility.

It is anchored on beauty, harmony, joy of living, attention to others, and benevolence towards weakened, deprived, forgotten people.

Accompanied by « free will », it experiences consciousness in a journey between truth and belief in order to discover the thousand and one facets of life: family life, professional life, citizenship,… friendship, love, pleasure,… empathy, compassion, fraternity, ….

These adventures can, without our realizing it, trigger emotions that will break the cohesion of the Self.

We will no longer be a single, conscious and coherent human being, but an assembly of sentient entities who fight a battle of meaning, inside the Self.

Lack of value towards sensitivity can cause a person to perform inhuman acts, because it deviates from the Goodness that resides in human nature, and gradually it loses its humanity.

Act 2: Sensibility on edge
Inspiration: « If and the Universe Art »

Regain your childhood imagination, the emotion of the beauty of life.


You can listen the song « Si » on ZAZ’s album Recto-Verso. [Website of ZAZ]

The lyrics testify to this lack of recognition of sensitivity as a value to be developed within societies.

From our sensitivity emerge ideas, desires for fraternal acts, which it is difficult to fully express on the scale of a country, and even more on a global scale. Yet they would allow us to live in harmony on Earth. How to make it a reality?

« Obel’Isa »


« The Conquering » is the only large format painting in the Art Universe, with two strengths:
– Masculine strength, visible on the thumbnail above.
– The feminine strength, visible on the final version of the painting, and the thumbnail in the header. [For sale on the Artmajeur Website]

Masculine strength has become invisible giving way to feminine strength. The photos testify to the existence of the 2 forces, even if only one remains visible.


The opera will be performed in English because it is the language of international exchanges. There will be choreographies because it is a universal language. The sets and costumes will be the result of artistic work. It will last approximately 1h45 without intermission.

Duality between visible and invisible.
Duality turned towards the feminine or the masculine.

Publié par Obel'Isa

Retrouver la paix intérieure : Source de la santé, l'harmonie avec le monde. {Find again inner peace: Source of the health, the harmony with the world.}

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