The natural Duality

♫ Version: Français

What is common happiness?

It is Friendship.

It is a hand to clink glasses, a shoulder to cry on.

It says « Yes » when it can; it says « No » when it can’t.

It takes nothing without agreement; it is tenderness, respect, attention.

It accepts who you are, and you accept it for who it is.

Lack of relationship friendship towards its feelings, can lead a person to give in order to take something that it needs, and not to give without excepting anything in return and to receive from life what it does not think of but which is beneficial to it; this leads to the loss of the magic of life, of the unexpected that happens when we don’t expect it, and gradually the desire to control everything takes over.

Act 1: A friend for life
Inspiration: « L’ange souffle dans l’oreille de l’artiste » with the artist

Regain the just company, the brilliance of the stars in the eyes.


Marie de Guise is the artist,
– The drawing of « Where are we going », ont the thumbnail of the header, was made in one line.
– « The angel blows in the artist’s ear », above, is her first large painting, produced with 2 canvases of 1m x 1m.

She inspires friendship,

Thank you for your hospitality and beautiful moments that we shared together. I think you are a great artist worthy of worldwide recognition and an extraordinary person.

Marie and her daughter Sacha, Geneva, 18th December 2005
Translated in English by myself


Two creations of Marie de Guise are visible:
– The creation « Here are we going » on the thumbnail of the header, represents a woman curled up in deep inner meditation just before she spreads her wings.
– On the thumbnail above « The angel blows in the artist’s ear » with the artist allows to feel the complicity she has with her work, the brotherly attention.

and respect for her Fathers.

The artist paints with musical notes due to her extraordinary inner sensitivity.

Edo Barzagli, Italian Art critic, Florence, 4th November 1989


Like in the magic Flute, the overture to the opera will be composed solely of music, in the dark to activate the senses, the decor will have a major role, and, in act 1 in the company of the actors, each in their place will awaken under the spotlights.

Duality between perceptible and imperceptible.
Duality turned towards the creator or the creation.

  • Marie de Guise authorizes me to show her creations « Où allons-nous » and « L’ange souffle à l’oreille de l’artiste » in her company for the act 1 of the initiation Opera of common Happiness [Discover the Univers of Marie de Guise].

Publié par Obel'Isa

Retrouver la paix intérieure : Source de la santé, l'harmonie avec le monde. {Find again inner peace: Source of the health, the harmony with the world.}

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