The Source of origins

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What’s give us life?

It is the divine Breath.

He is unnameable, immutable, unrepresentable, both breath of life, vital energy, Ki/Chi/Qi, faith, devotion, spirituality, he is the source of life, and perpetuates it.

He is a perpetual and inexhaustible flow that runs through the Universe and our body.

Like a child, he lives the present without worrying about the future, about tomorrow, without thinking about Good or Evil.

He knows what he is; he knows what he is doing.

As long as he is there, so is life; if he stops, it’s all over.

Lack of attention towards the divine Breath present through our being can cause us to run around looking for resources outside, and gradually this turns us away and cuts us off from « the Source of Life » within us.

Act 3: The divine Breath makes everything around it vibrate
Inspiration: « The Blues and the Universe Art »

Regain the other half of self, the sweetness of peace within you.


You can listen the song on Florent Pagny’s album Rester vrai. [Website of Florent Pagny]

Hidden track number 69, which is on the original CD.

The lyrics testify to this desire to rediscover the other part of oneself.

The other is invisible until we find it. We know that it is a necessary support to rise. But is it a person? or a job? or the divine in us?… How can we walk together, without losing our individuality?


On the thumbnail above, you will notice that the Art-Universe creations are made on a special paper.

This allowed me to use a creation to make an origami Crane, visible on the header thumbnail.

The origami crane is the symbol of peace in Japan, following the story of a little girl SADAKO, born to Run and Believe in Luck, in 1943.

When she was 12, she was stricken with leukemia,
characteristic of the atomic bomb, and ended up in the hospital.

Her friend reminded her of the old story of the cranes:
“If a sick person makes 1,000 paper cranes,
his wish comes true. »

As soon as a person came to see her at the hospital,
she brought him papers, of all kinds.

She died after making 633 cranes;
his comrades finished the remaining 367.

The story spread across the country,
the crane became the symbol of peace
and a statue was erected in Hiroshima Peace Park,
on which is engraved:

This is our cry.
this is our prayer,
peace in the world.

« Sadako and the thousand paper crane »
Eleanor Coerr, Yamaguchi shoten, 1984

If the divine Breath is the vital energy of life, creativity is its cohesive force in order to create the world in our image.


The opera will be represented in Operas, Theaters, performance halls, but the staging, the lighting, the acting, the story will meet the cinematographic constraints in order to be filmed and viewed like a film.

Duality between matter and energy.
Duality turned towards reality or beliefs.

Publié par Obel'Isa

Retrouver la paix intérieure : Source de la santé, l'harmonie avec le monde. {Find again inner peace: Source of the health, the harmony with the world.}

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