The Therapy Garden

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In 2013, I pushed the doors of the first edition of the Jardin des Thérapies in Paris in order to introduce myself.

For 3 days, I made and remade the stand to understand who I am.

Inspiration: A video showing the Salon retrospective
in the company of ZAZ « Je veux » -I want.

I made the video shortly after the show,
and 7 years of reflection later,
I Am « Art – Science – Creativity »:

  • My Profession: I want to develop a self-regenerating medicine based on the autodidact conscience of the human body to auto-regenerate to stay balanced, the Ki-Regeneration®.
  • My Passion: I want to anchor Peace on Earth based on the laws of nature which offers everyone a place on Earth and leaves them the freedom to follow it according to their own will, the Fraternal Humanity Movement.
  • My Heart: I want to create an Initiatory Opera to Common Happiness, like Mozart’s Magic Flute to honor the sacred force of Life, the Magic of Art.

I believe in Peace on Earth. It’s embedded deep within me.
I can’t do anything against this idea, even if I don’t know how go about it, and if I collide with the reality of the world in which we evolve.

I want
Naturally Regenerate Life on Earth

Publié par Obel'Isa

Retrouver la paix intérieure : Source de la santé, l'harmonie avec le monde. {Find again inner peace: Source of the health, the harmony with the world.}

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