A spiritual world, from the Being to the Human

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This blog is a representation of the Magic of Art, possible thanks to this particularity offered to human beings, which differentiates us from animals: Creativity.

Since I discovered video editing, I have been making videos to connect the different expressions of Beauty that I encounter.

Today, theses videos allow the transition from the thought that inhabits me « You can act to anchor Peace on Earth », into concrete action:

Create and Stage an ballad opera.

A ballad opera (opera-comique in French, Singspiel in German) because it contains spoken dialogue.

Contrary to what its name suggests, the themes specific to ballad operas can be serious, as shown by Bizet’s Carmen (1875) or Mozart’s Magic Flute (1791).

The theme: Initiation to common Happiness.
The aim: to make the Choir of Fraternal Humanity sing.

You can visualize the video « What is time » in french because the soundtrack and the images are mine or copyright free.

The other videos are not visible because they were made from songs for which I do not have the broadcasting rights. I quote the song which was the source of inspiration and I show 2 images extracted from the video.

And life being perfect, the encounters and travels of my life course also play a role in the perception of the Opera.


The Magic of Art allows humanity to evolve thanks to artists who master their gift, and dare to venture beyond known limits, on the Ariadne’s thread of universal creativity: the Masters.

Discover the concept of the opera through four inspirational videos, an encounter with an artist and a country.


Discover the inspirational videos of the overture and the finale, which contains the entire concept and philosophy of the opera, to be integrated in the staging of the opera.


Discover the 4 inspirational videos to understand the natural of the human life, to be intregrated in the staging of the opera.

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