Ode to « the Source of Life »

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In 2009, I discovered the technique of the colored hot wax.

Unlike to painting or drawing, the wax painting used needs no long technical to acquire, just let the inner creativity make.

When I create, I connect to the « Source of Life » which is also the Source of the vital energy -called Ki or Chi or Qi depending on the culture- which runs through our meridians, thus the imaginary worlds of the creations to which I give life have a auto-regenerative capacity.

I give them the name of “Creations of the Universe Art of Ki’Chi’Qi”. You will find all the information on the Universe Art by following this link.

I discovered the alto saxophone at the beginning of February 2022, and at the beginning of March 2022 I switched to tenor saxophone.

The saxo and me, it is like a love story, it is an inner metamorphosis.

So, I decided to animate a « Music » blog with musical videos combining my interpretations with Tenor Saxo Buffet Crampon 8102 with Selmer S90 170 mouthpiece and my creations of the Universe Art.


Musical videos, the creativity of « the Source of Life »

Isabelle B. and Sir Sax

Chargement en cours…

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Musical videos of the Universe Art can help to regain Inner Peace thanks to Contemplative breathing.

This is the protocole of the Contemplative breathing which I developed in order to take advantage of the meditative state offered by the Universe Art and the emotional release offered by music.

The last musical video to test by yourself.

I set myself the goal of creating two or three videos per month and make my Soprano voice vibrate.

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